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Trust isn’t a word you hear in financial services that much anymore, and StatPro thinks that needs to change. Our approach is to earn our clients’ trust through true partnership – one in which each firm helps the other achieve their strategic goals.

Trust through Transparency

While everyone’s talking about transparency, we at StatPro practice what we preach. As part of providing a wide array of risk analyses for your portfolio, we show you the accuracy of these analyses and provides details in methodology and data so you can gain comfort the best way: through verification. The result is that you always know what tools and data are used to calculate your portfolio's risk profile. Our approach to risk analysis is based on two fundamental methodologies:

  1. No black boxes. Our clients have access to detailed information about how the models work.  We consider no detail as "proprietary."
  2. Verification of Results. Back testing and confidence interval analysis are both critical components in understanding when a model works and when it doesn’t.

For example, the chart below demonstrates the back testing of StatPro Revolution Alpha's daily VaR during the height of the financial crisis, showing that the 95% VaR was exceeded 15 out of 252 trading days, or 5.8% of the time. This is why clients trust our analytics.

Trust through Transparency

Daily Returns (green bars) and daily VaR (red line) shown for an actual portfolio for all of 2008. This graph shows that for this portfolio, Revolution Alpha's 95% VaR model does very well on back testing - with 15 exceptions out of 252 trading days, equivalent to 5.8%.

Partnership is a Two-Way Street

A partnership approach offers significant benefits and in practice means several things:

  • Understanding Real Needs: Our Client Service Professionals get to know each client through our detailed onboarding process, during which we make every effort to understand the client’s immediate needs, medium-range plans and strategic goals. Through an open and honest dialogue about what each client hopes to achieve through risk management, we are in a much better position to offer services that match real needs.
  • Creative Thinking: There are many ways to solve a given problem, and we brainstorm with our clients so that both firms can benefit. As we like to say: one problem means many opportunities.
  • Taking the Long-Term View: Just as Rome wasn't built in a day, helping each other achieve our strategic goals requires looking beyond the visible horizon.
  • Looking Out for One Another: is there a better way to described the essence of partnership?
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