Case Studies

Multi-Strategy Manager

This firm chose Revolution Alpha's services for full in-house risk management and provides each of its investors access to a limited functionality version of our website.  The portfolio managers use our risk analysis for daily monitoring of risk, for controlled leveraging/deleveraging and as an independent check on their own risk assessments.

Pension Fund

After considering all the major risk vendors, this pension fund selected Revolution Alpha because of our flexibility, the integrity of our models and our ability to deliver varying levels of transparency. We custom-built a number of features for the pension fund that have since been rolled into our standard offering including PCA analysis and multi-factor modeling.

CTA Firm

This manager conducted a detailed search for a risk management system that involved over 10 possible vendors.  After numerous due diligence meetings with the finalists, one of Revolution Alpha's references reportedly told the CTA firm to "stop looking at other firms, Revolution Alpha is the best vendor you will ever have."  The CTA has been a client for over three years and now serves as one of our references.

Equity Long/Short Manager

This fund had been looking for a risk vendor for over two years when we first met, and they quickly recognized that Revolution Alpha was the only vendor that met each of their requirements: functionality, flexibility, price, reporting and service.

International Bank

This bank was looking for a risk management tool that could handle their diverse portfolio of hedge fund investments and monitor those managers' compliance with investment guidelines on a daily basis. Revolution Alpha quickly integrated the required data, and in less than two months had the entire portfolio running through both the risk management services and the daily monitoring of compliance.

Multi-Manager Platform

This European firm was about to sign with a competing risk vendor when they were introduced to Revolution Alpha.  After our first demonstration, they stopped the contract negotiations and re-started the vendor evaluation process with just Revolution Alpha and the former finalist.  They chose Revolution Alpha and have been a satisfied client for the past six years.

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