"IA provides us with the quintessential toolbox for risk management. The intuitive interface allows us to quickly assess our current risk, and directly quantify the impact of changes at all variable levels, especially valuable in challenging market environments. In addition, the application allows us to communicate summary level of risk to clients, making our client service efforts more efficient and effective."

Timothy Rudderow
President, Mt. Lucas Management Corp.

"IA provides a personalized multi-dimensional risk approach enabling the client to pro-actively support important portfolio decisions."

Michael Laznicka
CEO, Gardner Finance AG

"More than a risk report, Investor Analytics provides a complete risk and portfolio management platform that gives me the tools and flexibility I need to effectively manage my portfolios and client assets."

Francesco Mainolfi, Ph.D.
CEO & CIO, Linceo Capital Management

"In searching for Risk Management tools specifically created for the unique challenges we face as a Fund of Funds, we found that Investor Analytics is years ahead of the competition. Most importantly, there's no 'hype': they demonstrate the accuracy of the analysis, providing us with a high degree of confidence in the results."

Dean Rubino
CEO, Global Funds of Hedge Funds

"IA combines state of the art risk management software with amazing customer service."

Warren Naphtal
President, P/E Investments

"Investor Analytics provides our sophisticated clients with a variety of current and detailed portfolio risk views delivered through a modern secure web interface. Importantly, our clients also appreciate the prudence of independent third party risk analysis."

Patrick Welton
CEO, Welton Investment Corporation

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