How We Do It

Four words summarize how StatPro Revolution Alpha provides our highly respected risk services:



First and foremost, trust has to be earned. One client at a time, we earn that trust through transparency into our models, into our business practices, into our strengths and even into our challenge

"We earn our clients’ trust by providing a reliable, informative and useful risk tool."

We don’t claim to have earned everyone’s trust (just yet!), but it is a priority in every one of our relationships – with clients, vendors, business partners and others. Building trust guides our own decision-making, and we believe it helps us make better decisions about our own business.



Successful outsourcing means that our clients feel that we are an extension of them – they can trust us to take care of all the risk management details so they can focus on managing assets. Which details? Things like mapping every single data element correctly, chasing missing files, following up with market data vendors, calibrating curves and models, and resolving issues as they come up. It also means having reliable technology, up-time, optimized databases and backups. Most importantly, it means having a dedicated Client Service representative who knows your portfolio, can manage any issues and is available when you need them.



Much more than number crunching, providing an analytics service means keeping abreast of developments in all branches of risk management, data management and portfolio management. It means ensuring that our calculations are correct, clearly explained and useable by our clients.

Risk Analytics isn’t just about numbers: it’s about understanding what they mean and how to use them to make better risk and investment decisions. That’s why we help our clients interpret their portfolio’s risk analytics, and why we partner with third party risk consultants who can help firms develop a comprehensive risk management strategy.



Being a partner means more than having some legal agreement: it means helping each other’s business grow and thrive. It means doing business creatively and constructively. Sometimes it means delivering a difficult message, and sometimes it means having to hear one. Revolution Alpha is a partner to each of our clients – we believe that doing business together constitutes an obligation to help each other. Partnering goes hand in hand with trust, as they are two sides of the same coin. Just as our trust is earned through the transparency we offer, partnering requires that trust exist and be reinforced through actions.

What does that mean in practice? We invite you to become a client and experience it for yourself.

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StatPro offers specialized services for a variety of investors, managers and asset owners.

Case Study
Multi-Manager Platform

This European firm was about to sign with a competing risk vendor when they were introduced to StatPro Revolution Alpha.  After our first demonstration, they stopped the contract negotiations and re-started the vendor evaluation process with just Revolution Alpha and the former finalist.  They chose Revolution Alpha and have been a satisfied client for the past six years.

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Adding It All Up: The Myths and Realities of Risk Aggregation

Risk Aggregation is a hot topic, and we examine many commonly held and potentially dangerous misconceptions about the practice.

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