StatPro Revolution Alpha offers its platform through a Software as a Service (“SaaS”) business model in which it hosts the application, providing clients with an advanced interactive web interface that requires no software installation or integration with existing systems. The interface is available for all common browsers, allowing clients with specific IT requirements maximum flexibility. We constantly upgrade and enhance our risk platform and deliver our detailed reports through the web service or via PDF and CSV files directly to your desktop, servers or even to your smartphone. Revolution Alpha supports XML formats to feed other reporting services.

Our dedicated processing facilities allow us to run advanced analytics on even the largest portfolios.

Revolution Alpha uses ISO 9000 compliant data collocation services for primary and backup servers located on separate electrical power grids. Our service runs on Linux, using Postgres databases and multi-tiered proprietary Java code. Revolution Alpha’s development and Quality Assurance professionals use the Agile Development methodology for swift and high quality deployment of new features.

As a SaaS provider, all integration is handled at the base data feed level, with no requirements placed on the client for integration of any software into their daily business. The data feeds typically come from a client’s administrator, custodian or prime broker. The only required tool for a client is a modern web browser.

All access to our service is through encrypted channels only, such as our web application, or in the case of base data feed level, encrypted at the content level (e.g., PGP/GPG encoded content) or through an encrypted channel such as SFTP.

Revolution Alpha is committed to the SaaS model, because we believe it gives the client the greatest flexibility for the least amount of cost and/or effort. For example, Revolution Alpha internally handles all client market data integration, mapping and calibration. Our dedicated processing facilities allow us to run advanced analytics on even the largest portfolios.

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