What We Do

Help financial professionals make better risk decisions.

We work hard to create trusted partnerships by providing the most easy to understand and useful risk analytics in the industry. There’s no question that risk-managed portfolios outperform those that are not, and that proper risk management requires expertise in addition to rigorous and diligent monitoring.

StatPro Revolution Alpha makes risk easy to understand with three core components:

Data ManagementData Management

We don’t just collect portfolio information for our clients; we make sure it’s complete and self-consistent. A strict rule at StatPro that sets us apart in the industry is that we make it our business to “get the data right“ so our clients can trust the analysis every day. StatPro Revolution Alpha works with over 50 fund administrators, prime brokers and custodians, and we interface with just about every accounting system to ensure all the data is accurate and complete.

Risk AnalyticsRisk Analytics

We analyze the portfolios through numerous risk measures like stress tests, revaluations, factor modeling, correlations, Value-at-Risk, tail loss measures, credit risk, sensitivities and Monte Carlo simulations. We own 100% of the code in our risk engine, and we consistently increase its capabilities. We cover a wide range of asset classes, strategies and investment styles, including fixed income, equity, commodities, currencies, credit, and many others.

Visualizations, Tools and ReportingVisualizations, Tools and Reporting

Risk analysis is hard enough as it is, and we believe the tools you use shouldn’t add to that difficulty. That’s why we developed the most intuitive and user-friendly web interface in the industry. All of our PDF reports are “board quality” so that the most important results stand out clearly, even to non-experts. We regularly hear from clients and even their investors that "Revolution Alpha makes risk easy to understand."

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Investor Analytics offers specialized services for a variety of investors, managers and asset owners.

Case Study
Multi-Manager Platform

This European firm was about to sign with a competing risk vendor when they were introduced to StatPro Revolution Alpha.  After our first demonstration, they stopped the contract negotiations and re-started the vendor evaluation process with just Revolution Alpha and the former finalist.  They chose Revolution Alpha and have been a satisfied client for the past six years.

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white paper
Adding It All Up: The Myths and Realities of Risk Aggregation

Risk Aggregation is a hot topic, and we examine many commonly held and potentially dangerous misconceptions about the practice.

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